Rina has a “new” coat from her Aunt Roni and cousin Kylie. Well, I’m not sure how keen Kylie was on giving up her coat but Roni was excited to finally get rid of it 🙂 Thanks, Roni!!! It looks adorable on her if I do say so myself 🙂 And yes, Kylie no longer needs it being 5 now.

There are several statements that I am hearing more and more Christians say and frankly, I don’t think they’re Biblical. In fact, the more I think about these statements the less truth-ful I think they are.
For instance – God won’t give me more than I can handle. Really? As far as I can tell that statement is not in Scripture. In fact, I don’t even think the idea is in Scripture. Yet, I have heard many Christians utter this phrase when going through a hard time trying to comfort themselves. Is this true??? If God doesn’t give you more than YOU can handle then what do you need Him for? Why won’t He give you more than you can handle? Bc it isn’t fair? What about the people in Haiti and the two earthquakes? Doesn’t that seem to be a bit much for one little nation?Or parents that lose 5 children at one time in a car accident (worked for a family in Chicago who had that happen)?
Maybe God DOES give us (or allows) more than we can handle on a regular basis so that we learn to trust Him, depend on Him to get us through, that we do actually need Him, that life isn’t all about us and our comfort… Maybe we don’t have to make it through everything on our own, and maybe we’re not suppose to and even can’t. Maybe the circumstances that come are to cause us to fall on our face and cry out “God I can’t do this anymore I need You!”
Maybe we need to be more careful as Christians with what we’re saying and what we’re believing. Is it true? Is it Scriptural? Is it even realistic??? Personally, I’m thankful I can admit some things are too much for me to handle and turn them over to my Father in heaven and let Him carry the weight. I am weak but He is strong 🙂