Well, it’s official, this little girl is going to be a big sister! That’s right. Come August 30th Rina will have either a little brother or a little sister. Nope, we’re not finding out what this baby is either, other than the fact that this one also is human (not a deer 🙂 nightmare from last pregnancy).
Sorry I didn’t update the blog yesterday. Yes, I try to always update on Tuesday but I realized yesterday that if I waited till today I would have more info on the pregnancy for you all so I figured you could wait one more day 🙂
I wasn’t sure how far along I was until this morning when I had an ultrasound. I thought I was only 9 weeks pregnant but Praise the Lord I am actually 12 weeks! Woohoo, almost done with the tired-phase!!!! The morning sickness hasn’t been too bad (I learned early on if I kept food in my belly I felt better which is so not good when you have chocolate in the house!) But the tired-ness has been intense at times! I’m definitely ready to have some energy back!!
Otherwise, everything looked good. The baby was sooo cute moving and bouncing all over during the ultrasound. Sigh, I’m in love 🙂 Yes, we will have two kids under the age of two for two months. I know, I know, crazy but we’ll make it through – everyone always does.