This past week was the feast of Lots also known as Purim. Bryan and I have talked before that for 1 year we’d like to keep all the Biblical feasts – at least the 7 major ones from Leviticus and if we could the minor ones as well. No, we’re not starting that yet, although we are celebrating Passover again this year. However, we did decide to have a mini Purim celebration.
For starters we made Hamantashen (a kind of sugar cookie with a filling and in a triangle shape). Besides making a total mess in my kitchen I wasn’t the best at the triangle shapes either 🙂 The first pic shows our first attempts. They grew a bit more than we realized. They have a strawberry filling I bought at the grocery store. The next pic shows our second attempt – much better 🙂 And we decided to be creative with the fillings. We tried cinnamon/sugar, honey, and powdered sugar. I have to say they are really good!!!! If anyone wants the recipe just let me know… They are pretty easy too.
After the mess was partially cleaned up we all sat down for a reading of the book of Esther. Not exactly the way the Jews do bc Bryan refused to try to chant/sing through the book 🙂 And he read in English and we only read the first 5 chapters. Tomorrow we’ll read through the rest. BUT every time he said the name Mordecai or Esther I cheered (and shook toys) and with Haman I booed. I enjoy the story but the booing and cheering do make things more fun 🙂 Rina seemed to enjoy that as well. Hopefully in a few years she’ll be joining me….
Oh, and if you’re wondering what Rina was doing through all the cooking- besides grabbing the toilet paper out of our bathroom and grabbing goldfish from the cupboard, she was terrorizing magazines 🙂 Yes, we did let her try a cookie and did she enjoy it!