I know when I update a day late I’m going to hear about it 🙂 (see comment on last blog)

Rina had woken up from a nap but wasn’t ready to be “up” yet so she and Bryan snuggled for a bit on the couch while I finished dinner. Rina had her pacifier, her blankie, and her daddy – life is good 🙂
Last night was one of those nights that just make you say “thank You Lord for the life I have.” It was a very quiet simple night at home. It had been pouring rain all day and the wind was blowing. We had no plans for the evening and didn’t feel like doing anything. So, after dinner Bryan helped me do a quick clean up of the downstairs and vacuum (which has been needing it for some time), then we made a fire in the fireplace and just sat for awhile and enjoyed it while Rina played with different toys or sat with us. It was a perfect evening.
Now growing up the nights I remember enjoying the most are the ones where we as a family just hung out and had fun, but in college I remember struggling with that picture for my future. I was going to be the missionary, the one overseas who was giving her life to missions and didn’t have time for marriage, a family, or a home. No simple “normal” life for me!
I still struggle with that desire sometimes to be honest, but as life continues I can’t imagine things any other way. Maybe it’s ok to have a home, make a family, and just enjoy being together. Maybe the “simple” life really is one of the best options after all.