Another picture of Rina in her Easter dress. Not really sure what that face is saying 🙂

Well, Rina has the flu 🙁 She was acting semi sick yesterday at times and didn’t really eat a lot. Then, last night (thank the Lord while Bryan was “home”) Rina threw up twice 🙁

As hard as it is having the flu myself, it really is harder watching your child go through it. Especially when they’re too young to understand what’s going on. Pray no one else gets sick please!!! We have Biblestudy this Friday night (I’m teaching) and a wedding on Saturday Bryan is in…
The Biblestudy I’m teaching is a 6 week course I titled “My Delight is in the Law of the Lord.” I think there is a major misunderstanding today in the Western Christian Church’s view on God’s relationship with Israel, Israel’s relationship with “the Law,” Jesus and Paul and their view on this subject, all of which then extends into the believer’s relationship with the Lord today.
Now, do I think this is a “salvation” issue? In other words, can we agree to disagree and still be saved – yes I think so 🙂 However, I do think this is a vital issue to better and more accurately understanding God, the Bible, the way He works, salvation… I personally think it’s a big deal.
For example – who or what saved Israel in the Old Testament? Most Christians today talk as if and truly believe the Jewish people in the OT had to “keep the Law” to be saved. As it states in Romans 6 they were “under the Law.” Ah, but is this true Biblically speaking or are we just so use to the way we think we stop paying attention to what the Bible actually says? How (and even when) was Israel saved??? Any thoughts?