The first picture is just of my adorable little girl (no, I’m not biased 🙂 ) with one of her new favorite habits. Sipping the leftover milk from her bowl. Her daddy taught her how to do that and he is very proud of her 🙂

I thought I’d take a break from the “heavy” discussions and just do a quick update on… me 🙂 This picture was taken at the beginning of my 6th mos. I am now bigger being at the end of my 6th month. I can’t believe how fast this is going but I’m thankful. With Rina’s pregnancy I was so excite to experience every little part of it, with this one I just can’t wait to finally hold and see this little one!!!! And be able to sleep through the night (at least occasionally), get up and down without grunting, work out well, see my feet…. All the little stuff 🙂 But it is fun feeling a baby move inside me again 🙂
Not to mention for the first time last week I told Bryan – I feel like an old married woman. I’m sore and tired every morning, I don’t move quickly, I grunt and groan (so much so that Rina groans at times when she moves), nothing seems to be coming easy anymore, I have little to no energy, not to mention my emotions can be ummmmmm, in a state of flux, I can’t wait to get in to bed at night- I feel old!!! And to top it off I’ll be 30 this year!
I told Bryan he needed to let me know I was still young and beautiful and the more he told me the better 🙂