We’ve done a much better job this year of getting out to the beach (or to a pool) then we did last year or the year before. It is easier now that Rina’s getting older definitely. But it’s also been HOTTER which means I’m more likely to want to get a little wet as well.

At the beginning of the summer Rina did not want to be put down in the water at all. As time goes by she’s getting braver and enjoying the water more. Last week she walked me out into Lake Mi till she was up to her shoulders and laughed as the waves hit her 🙂
These days I feel like a space cadet. My energy was wiped out long ago but more and more I feel like my brain is shutting down as well. Thinking just doesn’t seem to be coming naturally anymore. I’m blaming it on pregnancy plus humidity plus a toddler. Sounds good to me anyways 🙂
As of this point I am dilated 2-3 cm and 60-70% effaced!!! Woohoo, let the dilation continue!!