Take a good look baby bc the belly won’t be there much longer! Woohoo 🙂 The first picture is courtesy of my little sister who took a “belly” shot without me knowing it. Thanks, Jen!

I had a Dr.’s appt today. I am now probably up to 4cm dilated (if I keep going like this I may not need to go in to the hospital except to push 🙂 ) however, the Dr. did not want to check too closely bc the baby is sooooooo low he (the Dr.) could feel the sac and was afraid he would pop it. Apparently, I could go at any moment. And probably (please Lord!) when I do go will go fast. Not to mention will more than likely go this week. He doubts I’d make it to my due date. In fact, he was quite surprised I didn’t go this past weekend.
So, did I want to just pop the bag (break my water) and get things started???? After talking it over with Bryan we decided to schedule for Wednesday. I’d still really like to have this thing happen on its own so I’m giving my body 1 more day to go in to labor. (not to mention giving Bry one more day to get work stuff in order) But if it doesn’t happen by Wed morning at 7am on its own, then lets just get things moving. The baby’s ready, I’m ready, let’s go for it.
Rina… what can I say. The girl can crack me up, not to mention being so darn cute! And a stinker 🙂 We will see how she does with baby b around!