Look at the hair! That was one of the main things I heard in the delivery room after Micah was born. Yes, my son has a full head of hair already. And I had the heartburn to go along with it. I fully believe the old adage that heartburn during pregnancy means hair. I had heartburn with Rina and she was born with hair. I had more heartburn with Micah and he was born with more hair. If anyone begs to differ I would love to hear their story.
Why the names we chose? Well, obviously Jon is after Bryan and his dad. Only makes sense since Rina was named after me, my mom, and my grandma. Micah- well, that name means “who is like the LORD.” We liked the idea that every time someone said our son’s name they’d be declaring a truth about God even though they had no clue.
Labor/delivery- my water was broken at 8:10 and I was already dilated 4-5cm at that point. At 11:30 hard labor really began (I had a few hours of less intense and unstable contractions…) I did one dose of stahdol again (but I SERIOUSLY considered the epidural this time not gonna lie). I was ready to push about 1:30 (the worst part of the whole thing is wanting to push and not being able to in my opinion). Finally at 3 they said push! Micah was born at 3:03. Yep, 2 pushes and the boy was out. Praise the Lord. I don’t know if I could have handled another 40 min pushing session, especially since Micah was bigger and a bit more painful coming out.
A huge answer to prayer we did not even know to pray about specifically – Micah came out with the cord around his neck. Thankfully it was not tight, and he did not have a bm in the womb (when they do it means the baby’s in distress), and his heartbeat during the entire labor was consistent and strong. Nothing happened with the cord but, well, things can happen. So, we are incredibly thankful for a beautiful, strong, healthy boy.
Boy do I have a lot to learn…