Well, there are no pics up and there may not be for awhile. Our computer crashed on us yesterday! It started acting up on Tuesday but I didn’t think much of it. But last night it finally completely went kaputz. So, we’re trying to decide what to do now. Do we buy a whole new computer? Just a new “tower” and keep the monitor, keyboard and mouse since they still work? But the monitor is also acting up and may break… We’ll see.

Thankfully I still have my old laptop around so I do have internet access. Bryan did do a backup of the computer about 2 mos ago so we won’t lose everything. He may be able to get everything off the harddrive but he’s not sure yet. Definitely a few reasons to say thank You Lord!

As for the kiddos – they both had an appt yesterday. Rina for 2 yrs and Micah for 2 mos. Wow! Everything looks good and healthy with both of them 🙂 They’re both very tall for their age – 95th %. Micah weighs 13 lbs already! And Rina weighs 28. The only time she’ll be ok with me putting her weight on the blog 🙂

We did find out that Micah may have floppy turbinates in his nose which causes him to sound stuffy a lot and makes nursing messy. But since he’s growing just fine there’s no reason to do anything. Lord willing it’s something he’ll just grow out of soon.

Yesterday at her appt Rina had to step on the scale to be weighed for the first time and she also recieved a shot. Guess which one made her cry. Yep, didn’t flinch at all for the shot, didn’t even wimper! But stepping on the scale, she sobbed. What a girl 🙂