Yes we are back and running! Praise the Lord our computer came in way earlier than expected. It’s a mac so this pc girl is taking some time to get used to things 🙂 I don’t think I know enough about computers to appreciate it’s finer points but I’ll trust my husband on that one 🙂

As for the pics, just some fun ones we picked up this past month while the computer was down. Micah one night after his bath (and yes we’re still having trouble getting his hair down). Rina and Micah one Sunday morning before Church smiling at Bryan. Rina and I, and Rina posing. She now says “cheese” whenever she sees the camera. Is that pathetic or what 🙂
Also pathetic is the fact that one night Rina carried her purse around with her and inside was her cell phone. Sheesh child I don’t talk on the phone that much do I 🙂