So the first pic is of Rina in Bryan’s shoes. Yes, they look even bigger bc they’re closer to the camera. Trick photography I learned from Lord of the Rings – forced perspective 🙂 (nerd that I am). The second is a pic of Micah from the last time I used soap in his bath to wash his hair. Cracks me up! Poor little man 🙂 But I am thankful he still has his hair. I hope he’s like his daddy!!!

In the gospels Jesus tells the Pharisees that they hold their traditions as more important than the Word of God. And we often shake our heads and go “those silly Pharisees, how stupid and hypocritical.” But, do we do the same thing???
Take Christmas for instance. Now, in the Old Testament there are 7 feasts that God commands Israel to celebrate forever. They’re to be a yearly tradition reminding the people of their relationship to their Covenant God and His faithfulness to them. God Himself takes the initiative to set up different times throughout the year for His people to celebrate. Yet, today what do most Christians celebrate?
Few Christians celebrate any of the festivals. (that’s a whole ‘nother discussion I’m not going to get in to at the moment… just work with me). Instead we celebrate Christmas on Dec 25th with a Christmas tree, buying and giving presents, a ton of food, lights, movies, Christmas carols…. Now, I LOVE Christmas and I definitely think it’s right and good to celebrate the birth of Jesus. HOWEVER, I find it interesting that all the ways we celebrate Christmas aren’t technically Biblical. And what about the festivals that God set up? When do we celebrate or even think about those?
Maybe there are Biblical ways to celebrate the birth of Jesus. But why stop there, maybe there are Biblical ways to celebrate His death and Resurrection. Passover for instance.
Are we today holding our traditions as more important than the Word of God? Maybe.