What can I say we start things off with a bang in my family. Poor Rina. She jumped off a bed at a friend’s house and bumped her head and broke her arm. She did it at 11am but we didn’t take her to the ER until 3. Neither Bry nor I realized she had seriously hurt herself 🙁 Next time I hope I’ll pay better attention. She has a pink cast on it now and she’s doing much better. Kids adept quickly!

This afternoon we are leaving to go to Detroit with my family for my grandpa Nelson’s funeral. He was 91 years old and despite having several medical issues he was quite healthy his last few years – for a 91 year old 🙂 He was still able to travel and be with friends and family – thank You Lord. He died at home in his sleep for which I am very grateful. Now, he’s in heaven with my grandma, a cousin Jennifer, not to mention seeing Jesus, and all the Biblical characters. And now he’s finally fully and completely the man God created him to be. No sin, no failures, no flaws, no pain, no wounds, no hurts… Just worshiping Jesus for all he’s worth. What a future 🙂 If you’re thinking I’m envious you’re right 🙂
I will miss you, Grandpa, but I look forward to seeing you again!!