This is my new pet. Yes, it is a gold plated rooster 🙂 Well, maybe not really gold but it looks gold. At least in the parts that haven’t been rubbed off.

I believe the story goes that my grandpa Nelson was given this rooster by a patient of his in place of payment. Remember this was many years ago. I doubt this would fly with too many dr’s offices today 🙂
Well, this rooster hung out in my grandparents house for many happy years. Then my grandma passed away (about 7 years ago) and my grandpa decided he wanted to sell the house and get rid of everything. Who was going to get the rooster??? You can’t just sell this type of thing or throw it away!
Thankfully there was no need. A very giving aunt and uncle of mine decided to take matters into their own hands and save Mr. Rooster. As we were all driving away from the house for the last time my parents looked down and there in their car was the rooster! Now the rooster gets shuffled from place to place. He’s been to Alaska, Florida, Oklahoma and all over Michigan. This is my second time to have him. And I need some sneaky ideas of how to get rid of him…