I took this picture after Rina’s nap one day. Micah and I were laying on the floor, he was suppose to be having tummy time, and Rina joined us when she woke up. Before I took her paci away I snapped this picture 🙂

Sickness part 22 is going through our house. We all have colds. At least it’s only a cold nothing more serious. I opened the windows today for 15 mins to begin airing the house out 🙂 We are going to get better one day I just know it!
So, we left off in Genesis with the author/narrator of Genesis making it abundantly clear that God alone knows what is good and what is not good for humanity. Mankind was created, therefore, to be dependent upon God to give what was good and withhold what was evil/not good. Adam was placed in the garden with only two instructions – worship God and obey Him. The only option for disobedience at this point was to eat the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
Interesting that it’s the knowledge of good and evil that this tree holds considering what we just learned about God and man’s relationship with good and evil. God knows it and man doesn’t and it’s partly that lack of knowledge that makes man dependent upon God.
So, how does man respond? Well, to be fair I should say how does the woman respond first? She is deceived by the serpent and he tells her what? “You will be LIKE God…” Now, wait a minute, how does Genesis say humankind was created- “in the image of God.” Adam and Eve already were like God! They didn’t need to eat anything to make them more like God – they already bore His image! I wonder how many times satan tempts us with things God has already given us – but maybe not exactly the way we wanted to have it?
What’s the second temptation? “…knowing good and evil.” Adam and Eve don’t need to know this. God will supply all they need, He knows what’s good. All they have to do is trust. But instead of relying on God, Adam and Eve decide they would rather choose for themselves what is good and what is evil. How many times do we decide that we know better than God what is good for us? This food, this job, this spouse, this lifestyle, this whatever…
And since then humanity continues to ignore the Creator and spurns His commands and instructions that were given to bring us life and show us what’s good. Instead, we go our own way positive that we alone truly know what is good and what is evil for man. What great folly and pride.