Rina loves puzzles and Micah seems to be enjoying them too 🙂 They just looked so cute just sitting there together. I set Micah down first and Rina had to sit next to him. Notice her pillow (red) behind her 🙂 She had to be just like Micah. Micah’s doing much better with sitting but he still occasionally tips backwards or forwards so the boppy is there for precaution.

Rina has a new car seat. It converts from the 5 pt harness to a booster seat. We’ll move Micah in to Rina’s old one. It’s a backward facing seat that can turn frontward when the child is able. You almost need a degree these days to figure this stuff out.

Which to be honest seems a bit over the top bc I can remember riding in my parents full size van when I was little and walking around while the van was moving (gasp). My mom even use to let us “surf” at times. We’d all stand up and she’d “whip” around a corner trying to knock us down. I can’t believe she let us do that 🙂 Yes, I understand the safety issues, however, when does safety end and paranoia begin? Children now have to be in boosters until they’re in 4th grade or 100 lbs or over 4 ft tall (I believe those are the requirements). Doesn’t that seem a little excessive? Some adults barely meet those requirements 🙂