To be completely honest my life these days are dull. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not at all complaining. I am very thankful I just feel like there’s nothing to blog about then.

Rina and Micah are doing very well and continue to grow. Rina’s favorite phrase right now is “what you doing?” Not sure where she’s learning her grammar from but it’s definitely not me 🙂 Every day it seems like she’s becoming a bit more of a kid and less of a toddler. But thankfully she still loves to snuggle in the mornings and after her nap. She loves to dance and sing, LOVES chocolate (candy, hot or cold) and can be a DRAMA queen. Oh yes, several times now she has lasted for over an hour with a “fit.” I am learning slowly how to handle them. Thankfully she doesn’t have them all that often.
Rina also still loves her little brother for which I am very thankful. Micah is just plain cute there’s no way else to put it 🙂 He is all boy! He LOVES to eat and eat and eat. He sleeps so well at night (better than Rina does often) but he does not like to nap. He enjoys watching his big sister but he may be becoming a mama’s boy. We shall see. No teeth yet, not interested in crawling, although he sits well on his own. I’m hoping he may be a bit calmer then his sister 🙂
One can only hope and pray…