We definitely have hit certain aspects of the terrible twos with Rina. In many ways she is a very good child but often she does act like a normal two year old. In those moments I find myself silently pleading with her to obey me. “just obey child, your life will be so much easier!”

Now, the reasons I want Rina to obey me have absolutely nothing to do with me proving myself to her. I know who I am. I’m Momma, I’m the parent. I don’t need her obedience to prove that. There are times when I don’t even need her obedience to make my life easier or make my plans happen. Dinner will be on the table tonight, child, no matter how hard you fight! I don’t always need her obedience to feel better about myself or to prove that I know best in a certain situation. She’s not even 3 yet!
I want Rina to obey bc it will make HER life easier. I want Rina to obey to save her from pain she doesn’t have to go through. I want Rina to obey so she learns she’s not the boss, so I don’t have to discipline her. I desire Rina to obey for HER benefit, not just mine.
I think it’s the same with God. My obedience doesn’t prove He’s God or even make Him God. It doesn’t even prove that God’s good or give Him assurance about Himself. It doesn’t make God’s life easier or give Him relief that His plan will happen. My obedience is for My benefit. It makes my life easier. Saves me from pain I don’t have to go through. Obedience itself is a blessing and God knows this bc He created the world to work this way. I wonder how often God is silently pleading over me “just obey, child, it will make your life so much easier!”
May we learn to obey our Heavenly Father as we desire our children to obey us!
More pics next week 🙂 Micah’s first tooth is coming in!!!