Yes, Rina is sitting on her little potty seat talking on her “phone.” What a hoot!! No, I don’t do that! Potty training is…. slow. She did so well the first two days but now she’s just not interested 🙁 I still take her diaper off each day for her diaper rash but she hasn’t peed on the potty since last week.

As for Micah – he’s just such a happy boy!! He easily laughs and smiles. He wakes up happy. Still no moving but he’s starting to turn when he sits! And he falls on to his stomach a lot these days from reaching too far while sitting so hopefully movement is near!!! He’ll be 10 mos in a couple days!
I have often struggled with the reality of evil in this world. I struggled even before I had children but now having my own makes the question of hurts and pains all the more difficult and real. I look at my children happy, well fed, clothed, loved and I think about the ones that aren’t. The thoughts can break my heart if I let them, so I usually don’t even go there. I don’t want to handle the pain life sends my way much less someone else’s.
One night I was really struggling and praying for wisdom (and help) and I began questioning God. How can You sit there and allow these terrible things to occur? What are You doing God? Where are You? How can You sit there and, in my eyes, do absolutely nothing about the pain people feel? Why did You even make us knowing we would go this way? Then this song came in to my head.
“You were God alone from before time began. You were on Your throne and You were God alone. And right now in the good times and bad You are on Your throne. You are God alone.” I grabbed that song and sang it over and over again. You are God alone! You were God alone! and right now in the good times and bad You are on Your throne!
I still don’t understand or have all the answers (sorry you’ll have to ask someone else). But I do know and will stake my life on this – He is God alone. He has always been and always will be God alone. And He is a good God. I’m content. What about you?