There are at least several stories in Scripture where a desperate person acts shamelessly. For example, Moses with God on Mt. Sinai. Now, picture the scene, God has just redeemed the Israelites from Egypt. God has done many miraculous events and brought low one of the greatest empires in the world at that time. Moses is now leading these people to a land none of them really know. Remember, it’s been about 400 years since they lived there. The people of Israel will face many trials on the way. They are going to be walking through a very harsh environment where food, friends, and water are scarce and enemies are numerous. And Moses is no fool.
On the way the Israelites sin. They create and bow down to an idol. God and Moses then get into a discussion, if you will, over what God is going to do about this. This is found in Ex 32-34. God tells Moses that He will destroy Israel and start over with Moses. Moses basically tells the God of the Universes – You can’t do that and here’s why. God says “ok, they can all live but I’m removing My presence form them and sending an angel with you guys instead.” Again, Moses responds “You can’t do that either and here’s why. And in case You’re still thinking of not going with us to the land, God, we aren’t moving if You don’t! We’re here, God, with You whether You like it or not!! Oh, and by the way God, since everything is going so well – I want to see You!” God then grants every request Moses made. I think God told Moses His plans so Moses would discuss and even argue with Him.
How could Moses do all this? Bc Moses was desperate for God, and not only for God but for the very Name and presence of God. “You can’t wipe us out bc what will other people think of You! And we aren’t leaving bc we need You so we are sticking with You till the end like or not!” But you know what, I think God loves that. I think that’s one of the reasons God chose Moses. He knew Moses would be desperate for Him and therefore, shameless in his pursuit of God.
What about us? Are we so desperate for God that we would be willing to tell the God of the universe – I’m not moving if You aren’t! Are we so desperate for God that we’d be willing to tell friends or family – I can’t do that, I can’t go there, I can’t be that I need God too much.
May we truly become desperate in our need for God and therefore, shameless in our pursuit of Jesus Christ.