My little man turns 1 today!!!! How amazing that it’s already been a year! He is such an adorable kid 🙂 He loves to crawl, to move, to swing, to be outside, to explore, to eat, to be with Rina, to be swung around by his daddy… He already seems more laid back than Rina was at that age, and a bit less emotional 🙂 And can he shriek!!!! He may have a bit of a temper. We are so thankful to have Micah Jon and love him soooooooooo much 🙂

The pics are from our time at the zoo. Well, Byran had to work 🙁 Lord-willing some day we’ll take a family trip to the zoo. As for the tie-dye may I say it was wonderful! Definitely a great look on kids and made it much easier to keep track of them all 🙂 Thanks Roni for doing it!!!
The pics are backwards – whoops. The first pic is suppose to be the last pic of them all worn out from the day. Kylie getting up close and personal to a tiger. Rina trying to be as big as a gorilla, Chase blending in with the monkeys, and can’t you feel the excitement in the first pic as we’re starting out our day (lol).