Did you know that someone stole money from Jesus? You see, Jesus and His disciples had a group purse that they used. We’re not really sure what all it was used for, maybe the personal needs of the group, but we do know that one of the disciples began privately dipping in to that purse and stealing money.
The Bible doesn’t tell us why, how, or for how long but it does sound like it was a continual action. This disciple didn’t steal once but often. Think about it – this disciple is stealing money from his friends and his Rabbi and it apparently didn’t bother him. Maybe it started out as such a small thing, one time just this small amount… but then it continues and it grows. But the disciple is only a thief nothing worse. Until the night of all nights and this disciple agrees to betray his Rabbi. An unheard of thing in that world. Your Rabbi meant more to you than your own father, than your own life.
Now, I’ve heard many different reasons as to why Judas betrayed Jesus that night. I could be wrong but I wonder if it happened before he even really knew it. Bc the truth is, Judas’ betrayal of Jesus started long before that night. The betrayal started the first time he chose to steal. And every time Judas chose again to steal he was choosing to betray Jesus again and again. The betrayals could have started out so little, so small, so unimportant but when the crucial moment came, when it was going to cost him all eternity, Judas had already prepared himself for the ultimate betrayal.
What about us? Are we slowly preparing ourselves to betray Jesus? They’re just small sins, no one needs to know, it’s not a big deal, I’ve got it under control, I go to Church, I tithe, I pray, I read my Bible, I’m fine! Judas probably would have said some of those same things… and then he looked his Master in the face, kissed Him, and watched as He was bound and led away to a horrible death.
May God’s mercy overflow in our lives so much that God does not allow the little betrayals to go undisciplined or unnoticed. May He prick our consciences over each sin and may our hearts bleed until we seek His forgiveness.