Speaking of far to go… somedays I realize how little faith I have and there are many times I get discouraged with how little trust I show, how few prayers I offer… Then I hear stories of Christian giants who give their lives for God, who stand up for Jesus when everyone else is walking away and I wonder if I’ll ever be there. Will I ever truly place God first in my life? Will I ever really be all that I was created to be and learn that He truly is all I have?
I’ve been encouraged in the past by a passage in Revelation 3. To the church of Philadelphia Jesus said “you have LITTLE strength yet you have not denied My name.” I can do that, I can be that.
When I get to heaven I don’t honestly know what I will hear. I know I’ll hear “welcome home, daughter” but after that I’d love to hear “you had little strength but you did not deny My Name. Well done.”
God doesn’t ask every believer to be a Moses or a Joshua or Abraham or Paul. He does ask every believer to be obedient to whatever God has placed in front of them. We may never preach to the masses – let’s preach to our neighbors. We may never give our lives physically for the sake of the cross – so let’s give our life spiritually, our time, our emotions, our energy to the Kingdom of God. God may never use us to lay hands on the sick and heal then – may He use us instead to visit those who are sick and heal their hearts, their loneliness. God may never use us to lead millions to Him – may we lead our families instead.
By the grace of God may we be all that God created us to be. May we walk in obedience in the big and small areas. May we give our lives for the kingdom no matter how trite the issue and even if we have small faith may we one day hear “well done, you did not deny My Name.”