Recently I was seeking God with an honest question – “I don’t get this, can You please help me here, explain this to me.” It was a huge question and a big issue for me and I wanted to hear from God, I needed to hear something from God. At one point in the prayer I started to say “I really need to know the answer to this…” when the thought (probably Holy Spirit inspired to be honest) struck me – Erika if you REALLY needed to know the answer to this God would reveal it to you. Therefore, if He doesn’t reveal it it’s bc you don’t really need to know it and furthermore, He knows if it really is good for you to get the explanation. It may not be. All you can really do is present your request to God with praise and thanksgiving, and then trust that He’ll do exactly what He knows He needs to do with it.
Do you know how HARD that is???? There is absolutely nothing wrong and it is always a good thing to cry out to God “help me here! I don’t understand this!” but are we then willing to take a step back and trust God. Maybe we don’t need this answered; maybe it would even be better for us not to get this answered. Maybe we’ll never know all the whys or hows. Can we trust God enough to not only ask the questions but can we trust Him enough to let them go.
He’s God. He doesn’t answer to us. He doesn’t have to reveal anything to anyone at anytime. He chooses to reveal Himself, His plans, His ways, and He also chooses not to reveal Himself, His plans, and His ways. He’s God, it’s His prerogative. Can we trust Him anyway?
May we learn to never stop asking God the hard questions. But may we also learn to let God be God and trust Him no matter what He does with the answers.