Lately I’ve been looking in to the Christmas story from Mary’s perspective and I’ve got to tell you it’s been fascinating for me. To really think through the details of what it may have been like for Mary 2000 years ago!!! I won’t go in to the full scope but picture a young woman, about 12-13 years in a small town, engaged but not married, and she becomes pregnant out of wedlock. I can’t begin to tell you the shame, the misery, the stigma she has brought on herself, her family, and her fiance Joseph.
And how do you defend yourself – This is God’s baby!! Really I didn’t have sex! Yeah right Mary! What a ridiculous story! Who ever heard of God being a baby?? Joseph doesn’t even believe her and is going to divorce her (his only option in this culture once you get engaged – can’t just break it off). But an angel comes and tells Joseph to marry her, Mary is tell you the truth. So they get married and travel to Bethlehem – a 3 day journey (walking or riding on a donkey not sure which would be better) while pregnant – picture that one! And as nice as it would be to imagine an effort-less labor and delivery I doubt it. It was probably all too real and natural, the pain, the blood, the mess, Mary was probably exhausted at the end of it sweaty and shaking. Joseph may have been a bit overwhelmed, sweaty and shaky himself…
And then they place the baby in Mary’s arms. And she looks down and sees her Son for the first time. Did she play with His toes, His fingers, did she kiss His forehead, did she smile at Him in amazement and wonder – this is God’s Son??!!! He’s so small, so helpless… this baby is going to be Savior? What went through Mary’s mind as she looked at her Son???
We can only guess for now but one day I hope to ask.