I just wish I could put sound to the picture bc both were talking. Rina was reading to Micah and he was getting very excited as he was looking at pics pointing things out to her. He’s so stinkin’ cute with how excited he gets over things these days. Micah will stand at a window and point, shriek, and babble at each new car that drives by. It is soooooo adorable! I remember Rina standing at the window but she didn’t get as excited about the cars as her brother does 😉

We had another bout of flu 🙁 Thankfully only Bry and I had to deal with it but yuck. I was down Tues and Bry was hit Wed. But thank the Lord we were both feeling well enough to go Thursday night and buy our “new” minivan!!!! We just love it and are so thankful for it.