It was my 3rd time dealing with Rina and she had been in bed for over an hour. It had been a frustrating day between Micah crying, not wanting to nap, people needing things, stress, life and I was just done. I walked in to the bedroom to find Rina on the floor hitting the door with her foot. I picked her up and said “Rina, I’m done, get in bed now!” As I began putting her back in bed her little voice stopped me “wock, momma, wock” You want to what?
She got up, walked over to the rocking chair and said it again “rock.” She wanted me to rock her. Much more gently this time I picked her up, placed her in my lap and began to rock her. And as we rocked I repeated to her how much I loved her, how thankful I was for her, and I was sorry for snapping and being impatient wit her. Then we sat in silence and rocked. And when she was done, she got up and went to bed.
There’s a song by Dennis Jernigan that goes “If I could just sit with You (God) awhile. If You could just hold me. Nothing would touch me, though I’m wounded though I’ve died. If I could just sit with You awhile, I’d need You to hold me moment by moment till forever passes by.” I wonder how often God is calling out to us – Come, sit in My lap. Let Me hold you, let Me rock you, you need to hear right now how much I love you. You need to be reminded how precious you are to Me. You need to just stop, lay your head on My shoulder and rest in Me.
Rina at least is smart enough to realize she needed her momma, she need to sit and be rocked, to be snuggled and loved on for a little bit. And we wise adults are too busy to realize when we need the same. When we need our Heavenly Father’s touch, when we need to hear His voice and be reminded of His heart.
May we learn to listen and hear when our Father is calling us. May we stop the hustle and bustle of this busy life and just sit in our Father’s presence. May we hear the Lord of the Universe remind us of His love for us, how precious we are to Him. May we feel His touch, hear His voice, and may we know we are cherished by the One who created us.