Sometimes we all need a little help. Even if we don’t realize it 🙂 I’m not sure if Rina was helping or hindering her brother at this point but it made for a nice assist picture. It amazes me how little boys and little girls are so different even early on!

Rina is totally in to mothering some days. She wants to help take care of Micah. She even told me the other day that she would take care of the “new baby” while I took care of the “old baby” (i.e Micah). She puts her dolls to bed at night and loves to play with ponies and barbies. Micah all of a sudden loves trucks and cars (especially real ones) and at times even likes just sitting surrounded by legos. He’s much more physically aggressive than Rina was/is. Although both can have their snuggles moments (yay). As for this 3rd one… no strong feelings one way or another. Slightly leaning towards girl but not sure. We’ll announce names when we figure out what they are 😉