The men’s group that Bry is in challenged each other to buy corsages for their wives (and for some daughters) for Easter. So the pic is of Rin and I wearing our’s 🙂 My shirt didn’t work the best but her flowers stayed all through Church and she proudly showed them off.

Every year (barring 1) since we were married Bry and I have celebrated/lead a Passover celebration. This year we finally remembered to take pics during the meal portion. And yes, that is sparkling grape juice in the glasses (yum!!) The fellowship is always great, the food amazing (thanks to another lady) and it’s just incredible to take time and focus on what God did/has done. If you EVER get the chance to participate in a Seder – DO IT!!! You will be amazed at how God makes everything work together. He is a God of details 🙂