Can you tell that we 3 are related? Most people say yes. Ever since I was a little girl one of the most common phrases I heard was “you look just like your mother!” And may I mention that we have many similar characteristics… when we teach we’re like mirrors of each other. As for Rina a common phrase I have heard about her is “you can tell who her mother is!” And yes, she has many of my characteristics as well… the story telling this girl can do! I don’t see the physical similarities either way but I’m probably too close to it 🙂 I don’t mind at all bc I think my mother and daughter are both beautiful. Yes, I’m slightly biased 😉

We’re all doing well. Rina is actually going potty on the toilet!!! Praise the Lord. She finally decided she hates wet diapers!!! She doesn’t want underwear yet but her diapers stay dry all day!!! Micah’s adding to his vocab daily and is usually a happy contented little boy 🙂 Baby 3 is quite active and growing.