Awhile ago I read a novel about a family with an autistic child. The child was basically non-communicative and although everyone in the family was a believer it was incredibly hard on them all. The mother of the boy went through some very lonely and difficult years. And I began to question God about it all. How can You let such terrible things happen to Your children? I pictured myself in the situation and how I would feel if one of my children all of a sudden began to stop responding, even began to pull away from my touch and stopped looking me in the eye. I can’t begin to fathom the pain and I wanted an answer from God – How can You Allow People to Go through Things Like this!!!!???

Well, I struggled with that question through the whole book until I got to the end. For 15 years this boy is autistic, ages 3-18. During his 18th year God does a miracle and begins to bring the boy out of his autism.  But I still struggled with the fact that for 15 years this boy was basically an absentee child in almost every way. What about the 15 years that this family lost God???? And the Holy Spirit gently but firmly reminded me of how the story ends – bc of this boy’s miracle an entire school is changed. The whole high school watched the transformation and were amazed at what God had done and God was given glory.

The Holy Spirit then said “Erika, My plan is so much bigger than you. I love you more than you can fathom but my plan does not revolve around your happiness and if I can bring Myself greater glory through allowing 15 years of pain – I can choose to do that bc I’m God and it’s all about Me.”

What God is doing is so much bigger than you or me or even our salvation. We are a part of something bigger than we can even begin to fathom and that is such a blessing bc it means that your life counts for something. But, it also means that your life is not your own. God can do with it what He will and what He chooses. It’s all about God.

May we learn to rejoice in the blessing that what God is doing is much bigger then us. May we also rejoice in the blessing, no matter how hard, of bringing our Father in heaven glory through this life bc He is worthy.