Rina one Sunday morning… the only time I take time to curl her hair 🙂 She sits so well but it just doesn’t stay in very well 🙁 And Micah vacuuming. It’s become one of his favorite things to do, especially if the vacuum cleaner is on…. I’ll remind him of this when he’s older 😉

We had a wonderful weekend!!! Bry and I spent Fri night at a great B&B in Whitehall. So incredibly relaxing and peaceful. Thanks to family for watching our two little ones. I would highly recommend at least a 1x stay in a B&B, especially if you have kids!!! This was our 3rd time (1st since Rina was born) and we’ve never been disappointed. And the big news is…… we finally have a girl’s name!!!! Aliyah Joy (pronounced a-lee-a) Allie for short. It means “to go up” and it’s used when a Jewish person moves to Israel. It’s said that they “made aliyah” but pronounced slightly differently. Now on to the boy’s name….