I am young (compared to many 🙂 ) I know that. But I have been a believer for quite awhile and in that time, by the grace of God, I’ve been able to learn a lot. Compared to what is out there to know about the Bible I know soooooooooooo little, but the more I learn, the more I study, the more I pursue God the more sure I am of His word and that this book (the Bible) is His.

I’ve heard so many people talk about the discrepancies of Scripture and all the problems in the Bible. I’ve heard many more talk about how it makes little sense and it’s boring and dry. At times I definitely can be one of those people too – so I understand. But, I will also tell you the more I study and understand the less boring and dry it is and the more amazing this book and the God of this book become.

I want you to understand – I have studied the Bible in 3 different schools on 2 different continents. I have 2 degrees in the area of Biblical studies and have studied under numerous profs with different strengths. Did I mention I happen to be married to a man who knows the Bible better than I do! I have heard many Bible teachers and even more Bible lessons. And I am more convinced today that this book is the Word of God than ever before. And I am even more convinced that it will take all eternity to begin unpacking all that God has put in to this book.

It is OK to struggle with the Bible. It is GOOD to wrestle with Scripture. Bring your hard questions to God – He can handle them. Wrestle with the text! Be like Jacob who wrestled with the Angel and wouldn’t let Him go until he, Jacob, was blessed. God can handle it. His Word can handle it. Don’t be afraid, if this is the Word of God it will prove itself. And as for me – it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

May we all learn to be like Jacob who wrestled w/the Angel until he was blessed. May we wrestle with Scripture and with our questions, our doubts, and fears. May we seek God in His Word and not let ourselves rest until we find God and are blessed. And as we do there is no doubt in my mind – we will come to know that this book is the very Word of the Living God.