My goofy kids 🙂 What can I say they make me smile. Micah one morning when he had just woken up and Rina one night as she was playing around. Rina is still doing incredibly well potty training 🙂 Her diaper stays completely dry most days (thank the Lord!!!!) even during nap time. A few times she’s even woken up with an almost dry diaper. She still has no desire to switch to underwear yet… I think I’ll give it a try on a day we’re going to be home all day just in case. Micah is… Micah 🙂 Laughs easily but knows how to scowl when he needs to 🙂 Loves trains and trucks and making noises. He is starting to talk sooo much! I love hearing his little voice.

As for the baby and I (and Bry too) we’re all doing well. The baby and I are right on schedule growth wise from all appearances. The heartbeat this morning was 140… 8 weeks to go!!! Pray for me. I am getting excited to meet this little one but also completely dreading labor 🙁