Only a face a mother could love right??? Just kidding 🙂 Yes, Micah is at the phase of eating/wearing his food at the same time. Why not multitask? It’s a good thing to learn. In other news we’ve been struggling with sickness this week. Poor kids have been stuck at home most days but it’s obvious they’re not doing the best and need the break… not to mention momma enjoys the break 🙂 7 more weeks to go! Lord-willing this little one comes around the due date which is no guarantee I know… unless I try castor oil like my sister-in-law does. It worked 2x for her 🙂

I think the people who came up with doing the kick-count to make sure your child is healthy only had 1 kid. Who has time to lay on the couch for 2 hours (potentially) a day and count kicks!!! Not a mother of 2 that’s for sure! Thankfully this little one can be quite active throughout the day so I’m not concerned 🙂