You can click on the picture to make it bigger. This was taken a few weeks ago in the Ludington area State Park by another mom in my MOPS group who has her own photography business and she kindly gave the MOPS moms a good deal and offered to take pics of our kids. A few of us got some family shots as well 🙂 But things have already changed since this pic… Bry shaved off his beard. He’s back to the goatee for the summer and I chopped Micah’s hair 🙁

I was being cheap and he needed a trim. Well, what better time to learn how to cut a little boy’s hair right? It doesn’t look bad (I’m told) it’s just shorter than what I wanted 🙁 I learned a few things though. 1. Sopping wet hair is NOT good to cut. 2. Little boys move their heads A LOT. 3. Never cut short right away… trim trim trim. 4. If you want a perfect job pay a professional otherwise learn to be content with less than the best 🙂