I have some pretty goofy kids what can I say 🙂 It’s crazy busy right now with family in town, Bry and I are doing the message at our church on Sunday, trying to remember to prep for MOPS starting this fall, taking care of 3 kids, a house, meals… Yes, life is very very full and it is very very good. I have been incredibly blessed 🙂

In other news Ali is a great sleeper 🙂 She’ll do one 5-6 hour bout at night! It’s been wonderful to get sleep again. She’s 5 weeks old today and she’s already rolled over 3x. Neither Rina nor Micah rolled over nearly that fast!!! Hmmmmm, not sure what I think about this 🙂

Rina’s elbow seems to be doing fine. Both Rina and Micah had fevers this week but it appears to be a 24 hour bug and that’s it. We’re praying Ali doesn’t get it 🙁 Micah love food, trains, and his paci 🙂