These two pics were taken at Lewis’ Farm. I think the tradition started 5 years ago when my older sister Roni was in town with her kids. My aunt, my grandparents, my cousins and their kids, my parents, my little sister and my family (minus my hubby who’s working) all meet and spend the morning here. Then for lunch we go to Country Dairy. Hmmmmmm, it’s a wonderful day I have to say 🙂

So, here’s my grandparents with all of their great grandchildren. Quite a bunch huh 🙂

As for life….. since it’s already out I can post it here. It’s not 100% certain yet, there still needs to be a biopsy but the prevailing thought is that my father-in-law has pancreatic cancer. Yes, we would covet your prayers during this time for our whole family. I am very thankful to be living in a day when there is so much knowledge and medecine available. But I am even more thankful I serve a God who still does miracles and is still able to heal.

But even when He chooses not to He is still a good and faithful God. And He is still in control. Death, Cancer, sickness, pain, sin… none of these things get the last word. Jesus had the last word on the cross when He said “it is finished.”No matter what happens my father-in-law, my family are in the hands of a God who loves deeply and we will choose to trust Him.

It isn’t easy. Even without the big issues like cancer living day to day the way Jesus demands is so hard. He’s not content with a part of my day, a piece of my heart, a portion of my time. He demands everything. He wants it all. And I don’t like anyone else telling me what to do thank you very much. There are times when I wonder why God even puts up with me. How He could love me so much blows my little mind 🙂

Anyways, we are doing well. Waiting, praying, trying to chose to trust. Thank God He is holding on to us. And thank you for your prayers.