Yep, that’s how good I am at family photos 🙂 Put the two together and you get us all. The first pic was taken a few weeks ago on the day Ali was dedicated. The interesting thing is right after this pic was taken Ali decided to throw up all over the two of us. We quickly washed and dried her dress and I changed my clothes so at the actual dedication I was wearing something else… life with kids 🙂

My grandma Nelson bought this dedication dress for my older sister when she was dedicated and since then every girl born in the “Nelson” family has worn it. Cousins included 🙂

The second pic was actually taken earlier, about 2 weeks I think. Ali’s pretty much the only one that really changed in that time 🙂

For those of you that are wondering my father-in-law does have pancreatic cancer. Now we are waiting for him to meet with the cancer specialist to find out what treatment options are available. More waiting… yuck. Now that the original shock is over ALL the waiting is sooooooo hard.