Yep, two pics of Ali. She has big cheeks and an adorable smile. She coos and smiles so easily when you talk to her. She is adored by her big brother and sister. Micah even asks to hold her at times, although honestly I think it has to do with wanting to be like Rina than actually wanting to hold Ali 🙂

As for Rina and Micah – they are now sharing a room. Yep, we made the big move and I am exhausted 🙂 Although not nearly as tired as they are 😉 The first night they were both up to 10:45 playing and they took about 90 mins to settle down for nap time the next day. Last night Micah fell asleep around 10 while Rina was reading quietly in her bed. I’m not sure when she finally fell asleep. Woohoo! Thank You Lord- I call that success.

My father-in-law is doing better on the chemo than we had anticipated. Again Thank You Lord. His main problem last time I saw him, besides the fatigue, was getting the hiccups 🙂