Sorry I didn’t update last week. Right now I’m a bit overwhelmed with life. Nothing huge just all the little stuff that adds up daily. It’s just the season we’re in, I know 🙂 At least that’s what I tell myself daily….

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling with Bry to Revive Our Hearts in Niles Mi. He has to go there every month to meet with certain members of the ministry. They are an incredibly neat group of people! Rina and Micah stayed home with grandma and papa and auntie Jenn. It was a nice break but I definitely missed them!!

S.L.O.W.L.Y the cold is leaving our home… I took Ali in for a dr’s appt this morning bc she’s been coughing for 2 weeks. Amazing how being a baby changes things. The older 2 have been coughing for a good mos but I have no qualms about them 🙂 Everything’s fine, Ali just has what everyone else has thankfully.

As for the pics… Rina and Micah love to help in the kitchen. I am learning patience on a whole new level as I let them help. The first pic is from the night Bry and I left. They helped Aunti Jen make home made pizza. Another time they helped me make a sausage and egg dish.

And lastly we have a Christmas tradition of making delicious sugar cookies with Grandma and Grandpa Van. Yep, the kids were able to help with that too. Although, the cookies they frosted we colored differently and set aside just for them 😉