I have learned so much from my children about my relationship with the Lord. And unfortunately it is usually bc I am acting just like they do, not towards them but towards my Savior.

One day several mos ago I found myself very frustrated and somewhat praying/venting to God. You see, I had already dealt with Rina several times over the fact that just bc I said no to her does not mean I am not listening to her. In her little mind if I heard her I’d say yes to her request bc what other answer could there be! So, she’d ask for something and I’d have to tell her no and she’d begin to cry saying “momma listen to me! Momma, do you hear me!? My turn to talk momma!” And I’d have to, not so patiently I’m afraid, tell her that I did hear her but the answer was still no. And oh the tears would flow.

Then there was Micah. He made a request (probably about food) and I had to tell him no as well. Oh my word, he came running over to me and threw his arms around me and I felt like at that moment he needed to be reassured that I loved him. Bc obviously if I truly loved him I would always say yes to him!

And I remember crying out to God saying “I’m so tired of the fact that just bc I say no means I either didn’t hear or don’t love!” And the Holy Spirit responded “really, you too?”

I am just like my children. I bring my requests to God and if I don’t get the answer I want exactly when I want then I make the most reasonable assumption that God did not either hear me or simply doesn’t love me enough to answer yes.

As much as I love my children and long (sometimes) to say yes to their every whim I know that would not be good for them. It is my LOVE for my children that often compels me to say no to their requests. I’m sure it’s the same with God. His love for us, His deep, desperate, unending and unconditional love causes Him to tell us no.

And I wonder if sometimes it hurts Him just as much as it hurts us when we have to say no to our kids. How often then do we turn around at the moment we hear no, or think the answer is no, and demand to know why, demand that God really listen and hear us, or demand that God reassure us that He loves us.

Thank God He is more than patient with us.

In learning to trust God like a child, may we also grow into an adult with your understanding, your responses, and your relationship with God. May we learn to trust our Father’s heart, no matter how many times we hear Him say no. May we never doubt we’ve been heard or that we are deeply and desperately loved.