I forgot to show these pics. They were taken this fall when all the VanHaitsmas were together for a fun weekend. We’re hiding it well but we were actually FREEZING during the shoot 🙂

We’d take a few pics, run inside to warm up, then run back out and take a few more shots. The kids were troopers and did great! Well, Micah had a slight breakdown during some of our family pics but otherwise he did well 😉

We are doing well. I’m trying to be a little less busy these days and I’m finding that I am way more patient with my children. Not perfectly patient mind you, not even close.

Otherwise, not much else to say… The kids still have yucky sounding coughs but that’s it thankfully. Bry is leaving on Sunday to fly to Dallas for the week for work 🙁 Think of me, I HATE sleeping alone in a house. And no 3 kids do not count as “people” in my world during the night 🙂 As least not yet…