What can I say the girl just looks adorable in hats! Actually it’s usually her older sister who decides she needs a little hat action 😉 Just wait till you see the pics of Micah… that’s all I’m going to say…

Bry is gone again 🙁 Thankfully this time it’s only 2 days and 2 nights. He’ll be home Thurs night – Lord-willing. So, to keep busy and have fun we’ve done milkshakes and a movie, the library, and McD’s and a movie. Yes, I am that mom who uses movies to help pacify her kids… I didn’t think I would be but then I had a child and things changed.

School is going well. We’re figuring things out and for the most part having fun. The hardest part is getting Rina to learn to write. Did you know you have to teach someone to make a straight line. Apparently it’s not just something you know how to do. Go figure.

I am amazed some days at how well Micah and Rina play together. They actually can have a lot of fun. Unfortunately it often ends bc she takes a toy and he retaliates by pulling her hair… it just gets ugly after that. My sisters and I never fought so it must be a VanHaitsma thing 😉 (yeah right)