I know don’t quit my day job. Photography is not my thing. Actually being creative is not my thing. And for the most part I am totally ok with that 🙂

Here is my crazy fun family all ready on a Sunday morning. If my grandma reads these blogs she is going crazy that I keep posting pics of 4 instead of all 5 of us 🙂

Ali has a cold 🙁 Poor thing has a slight temp and is cranky but she was content to be held for quite awhile this morning which was very nice. Her diaper rash actually looks so much better today!!! Thanks again for all the suggestions. We’ve been trying some new things and they seem to be working.

To be honest I was/am terrified of screwing up my children when it comes to learning how to write so I kind of put off that part of school. After some encouragement and tips from my older sister I dove in and am surprised how well Rina’s doing. We’re definitely not moving quickly but we are at least moving!

Micah is Micah 🙂 Boys are so different than girls but they are so much fun! Growing up with all girls is way different. I’m assuming the same could be said about growing up with all boys but I am privy to that info. At least not by experience 😉