This year Bry and I decided that we would try to read through the Bible… (we probably won’t make it but we have been trying 🙁 ) I’m ashamed to say it’s been several years since I’ve read some of these books!

Especially Leviticus. My hubby spent a year studying the book and even recently gave a message on it at our church but it’s not a book I tend to flip to all that often… Well, reading it through again has been amazing, partly bc I’ve learned so much since the last time I read it!

One thing that jumped out at me was that even the ashes from the sacrifices were to be put in a certain place. You weren’t allowed to just dump them anywhere or throw them out to be blown away. They were to go in one place and one place only.

Do you realize God was incredibly specific and had an opinion about almost everything! Including where to put the ashes. And I was struck by the question –

How often do I think to ask God His opinion about anything, especially when it comes to worshipping Him????

It’s easy to focus on those leading us during the time of singing or giving the message, but what about the rest of sitting in the pews (or chairs)? Are we more interested in if we like the songs or if we feel like raising our hands or, if we’re just tired and want to sit down for awhile…

Have you ever thought to stop and ask God what He wants specifically from you during the service? Maybe God wants you to sit and meditate through the songs letting the words penetrate your heart. May God wants you to kneed before Him and offer your words as a sacrifice to Him. May God wants you just to let loose and praise Him with everything in you regardless of the person sitting next to you.

Have you ever asked God what His desire is for you during this time? God has an opinion, are we open to hearing it?

May we learn to stop and ask God His opinion of not only our Sunday morning singing but of every part of our day. May we truly desire to know what God thinks, what God’s preference is for us this day. And when we hear, may we obey.