Communion originally started out as a meal, in fact it was the Passover meal that Jesus took and to it added fuller meaning. I’m not sure when things changed and it became only a small piece of bread and a little drink of juice, but originally it was a FULL meal.

I have written about this before but reminders are good for the memory!

In the Middle East eating a meal together is huge. You do NOT eat a meal with an enemy. When you sit down at someone else’s table it signifies that there is peace between you. The person who is hosting the table becomes duty bound to protect you and provide for your needs, even at the cost of their own life (while you are in their house).

Often Covenants were celebrated with a special meal (you can see this throughout Scripture). You have just made this huge commitment to another person and to celebrate that event and represent your new relationship you ate together.

In Passover, and by extension Communion, you have been invited to eat at God’s table. He is the host. And He is making a specific commitment to you by inviting you to eat at His table. He is promising His protection, His provision, His friendship to you and for you. You are His guest and He takes very good care of His guests.

For you part, when you choose to eat of the Communion elements you are taking God up on His offer. Yes, Lord, we are at peace. Yes, I can sit and eat Your table without fear. Yes Lord, I am now under Your protection. Yes Lord, I will now trust You to meet my needs however You see fit. Yes Lord, there is a Covenant between us and You are God, Master, Father, Friend and I am child, servant, slave, bride.

Any Sunday when we eat the Communion elements may the Holy Spirit remind us of the many truths behind this simple act. We have been invited to eat at God’s table, and He is therefore, our host. If there is peace between us and God may we eat freely and with joy. However, if there is NO peace, may we first seek His forgiveness and reconciliation. And may we take a moment to ask God which He wants us to do.