Keeping with the theme of Communion I’d like to share another aspect that I learned recently.

During the time of Jesus when a young Jewish man wanted to propose he would go to the house of the young lady and take 3 things with him. The dowry (bridal price), the marriage contract, and a cup of wine. He would then set them all before the young lady.

She would look over the dowry, read the marriage contract, and if she liked what she saw and her answer was yes – she’d take a sip of the wine. Drinking the cup was in essence saying “yes, I will bind myself to you. We will no longer be two but become one. You belong to me and I belong to you.”

Truthfully, the table of Communion signifies many things. It is a very deep ritual. Another element to this ritual is that Jesus is coming before you and proposing. Remember that the Bible describes the Church as the Bride of Christ.  The bridal price already paid with His life – His own flesh and blood, the marriage contract already written – His Scriptures.

And in the table of Communion Jesus is kneeling before you, handing you His cup. What will you do?

If you choose to drink of this cup you are telling Jesus “I do. Yes, Jesus, You are my Lord and Master. Yes, Lord where You go I will go. Yes, Lord, I bind myself to you, forsaking all other gods out there, I have chosen to become one with You. You now belong to me and I belong to you.”

This act is not just symbolical it is very real and very important. Jesus stands before you at the Communion table – you may not get another chance. The next time you are able to take Communion, stop, take some time and think. Will you accept His bridal price? Have you read His marriage contract? Will you drink His cup and say “I do!”