What a week and weekend! Bry was gone Tues-Thurs for work 🙁 Never enjoy those days. The kids are getting more aware that daddy’s gone and ask about him A LOT! Even Ali had a big smile for him when he returned home. To help make the time go faster I have learned to keep myself busy, sometimes a little too busy.

Then there was Rina’s dance recital. Practice on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and 2 shows on Saturday and 1 on Sunday after church. Yes, I was exhausted, she was exhausted, the family was exhausted. BUT, we survived and she did great!!! She actually danced – woohoo!

The picture below is of Rina and her “big girl” partner. To help the little dancers they sometimes pair them up with an older dancer who will help direct them on stage. Rina’s partner was a very sweet and encouraging girl.

So last week was just plain insane. Sorry there was no blog. I hope it didn’t throw off your week too much! It helps to drown your sorrow in chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate 🙂