Yes, we finally did it. I decided I was done dealing with LONG (well longer) hair and it needed to be cut. And since she had so much of it why not donate it to Wigs 4 Kids. They’re a MI based company that makes wigs for kids (go figure). Eleven inches were cut off and frankly he probably could have cut a couple more 🙂

Rina did wonderful and I love it. I’ll show some front shots in the upcoming posts so you can see her cute face with the shorter hair 🙂

Sorry this blog is late incoming 🙁 Let me quickly recap the week. Tues Ali came down with a fever and was sick all day Tues, Wed, and Thurs. On Thurs Micah started his fever and I got strep (wow is that painful!). Did I mention Micah threw up twice on Thursday? Friday I was down all day and Bry began to get sick himself, while thankfully Ali started to perk up.

As it stands today (Sat) Ali and I are doing much better – Thank You Lord for healthy bodies! Although I’m still on meds for the strep… Micah is finally getting better and Bry hopefully starts getting better tomorrow and Rina is still healthy (again thank You Lord).

Did I mention my older sister and her whole family came in to town on Thursday for their once a year vacation/stay here and Bry’s brother and his family got in to town today for their vacation…. Yay, family time here we come! If we can get over all this.

So, better late than never… right?